Future Trad Collective

By Future Trad Collective

  1. Kehrvah
  2. Cantiga Bailada
    The Rocky Road To Dublin
    Young Tom Ennis
  3. Strike While The Iron’s Hot
    The Moon And The Evening Star
  4. Desert
    The Killarney Boys Of Pleasure
  5. Jacky Molard’s
  6. The Stormless Isle
  7. Consolacao
    Toss The Feathers
    The Bunch Of Keys
    The Old Bush
  8. The Thatcher’s Leggat
    Dinny Delaney’s
    The Furze In Bloom
    The Ashplant
    The Waltham Windmill
    Cora’s Little Feet
  9. Las Palmas
  10. Blue Berimbau

One comment

Michael McGoldrick/Ian Fletcher/Andrew Dinan recording featuring many others. New arrangements of some popular tunes and some new ones.