Happy To Meet

By P.J. Crotty, Carol Cullinan, James Cullinan

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  1. The Pullet
    Launching Of The Boat
    Lady McDonald
  2. Happy To Meet
    Dooney Rock
    The Humours Of Ballingarry
  3. Tara Diamond’s
    Hayes Favourite
  4. Scattery Island
    Farewell To Lissycasey
  5. Port Hole In The Kelp
    The Humours Of Quilty
  6. Cronin’s Rambles
    Fort Of Kincora
  7. Harvest Moon
    Johnny McGoohan
    Jack Rowe’s
  8. Fahey’s
    Crehan’s Kitchen
  9. The Green Linnet
  10. Tomeen O’Dea
    Midsummers Night
    Shamrock Hill
  11. Patrick Kelly’s
  12. The Dapper’s Delight
    Our Last Night Together
  13. The Sheep In The Boat
    Hurry The Jug
  14. Sporting Nell
    Miss Wallace
    Lady On The Island

Thirteen comments

The Music Speaks for Itself

I got this album from a relative of Crotty’s, always trusting that she knows good Irish music. Once again, I was VERY pleased. This is an incredible CD that gets better the more I listen to it. The first track, a favorite set in Baltimore sessions now, really draws you in, and the fun never stops. I could go on and on about this CD, but the music speaks for itself, so buy the album and find out for yourself!

This is rubbish

I was sitting in Cleary’s bar in Miltown last year at the Wily Week,
I had just bought a stack of CDs and was showing them to my friends who were passing them round the table. As I was collecting them up again some guy said to me “This one’s rubbish” referring to “Happy to Meet”. This raised a laugh amongst the company and I understood why when I looked at the CD and found that the guy talking to me was on the cover. It was James Cullinane. Well, I told him I’d want a refund if it was rubbish!
Needless to say, no refund was sought. James Cullinane plays fiddle with great fluency and articulation and P.J Crotty although not widely known outside Clare is a top player. Together they have produced a wonderful album of fiddle/flute duets in the Clare style.
Buy it! You will not be disappointed.

“Happy To Meet”

I would endorse the above comments, but with the added observation that P.J.Crotty was well known in the London Irish scene throughout the 60s and 70s, particularly as a member of the group “Le Cheile”, with whom he made 2 LPs.

Sorry to part

Quite right Kenny. I hate to show my age but I have been in London since the seventies and often used to go to the White Hart in Fulham to hear him and other greats such as Danny Meehan, Liam Farrell, Bobby Casey, Tom McCarthy, Paddy Taylor and Roger Sherlock most of whom are sadly departed.

Easy to meet

..if you visit Doolin. Two of the main members of this group - James Cullinan and his wife Carol - run a guest house in Doolin with an excellent restaurant. I went there twice on my visit to
Doolin in July 2003 - it was truly a Cullinarian experience. I had at this time just gotten hold of the CD -without having the ability to get it played. Carol Cullinan kindly put on the CD in the resttaurant upon request..

Belated R.I.P. update

Although this happened a while ago, given the stories above, I thought I would just mention that P.J. passed away a few years ago, so sadly anyone who might happen to stumble across these comments and perhaps hope to find him in Clare obviously would have no such luck.

A lovely recording, one that regularly gives me pleasure…

Scattery Island

Does anyone have any more info on the jig they play and call Scattery Island? (Not to be confused with the slide of the same name)

I have read quite a lot (everything I can find) about the history of the island itself, but I would love to know more about this jig.

Here is the tune:

X: 1
T: Scattery Island, The
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
d/d/B|: A2 F FEF | AFF FdB | A2F FEF | DB,B, B,dB |
A2 F FEF | AFF FEF | Bcd cBA |1 B3 BdB :|2 B3 B2c||
|:ddA def |eed c2A | ABd cBA| BBA EFA |
ddA def |eed c2A | Bcd cBA|1 B3 B2c :|2B3 FdB||

Steph Geremia on The Open Road plays it as follows:

X: 1
T: Scattery Island, The
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Gmaj
g/g/e|: d2 B BAB | dBB Bge | d2B BAB | GEE Ege |
d2 B BAB | dBB BAB | efg fed |1 e3 ege :|2 e3 e2f||
|:ggd gab |aag f2d | deg fed| eed ABd |
ggd gab |aag f2d | efg fed|1 e3 e2f :|2e3 Bge||

Dwyers - Jack Rowe

The one on here listed as Dwyer’s (I wonder how many dozens of tunes go by that name?) is also called Jack Rowe - a great favourite of mine recently