The Lark’s Air

By Dan Brouder

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Here are the Musicians that perform on this this Album as it appear’s on Dan Brouder’s website:

Dan Brouder - Accordion, Melodeon

Brian Mooney - Bouzouki, Banjo

Brian McGrath - Piano

Seamus O’Kane - Bodhrán

Angelina Carberry - Banjo

Francis O’Connor - Flute

Áine Ní Chonnaile - Fiddle

Donal Sullivan - Flute

Eamon O’Riordan - Flute

Gearoid Dineen - Guitar

Derek Hickey - Accordion

The Lark’s Air: Dan Brouder!

Hey, isn’t it just great, how you can be playing this Irish Trad stuff for nearly 40 years & still you can get excited when you hear a great tune, that you haven’t heard before. 😉

The first ‘must learn tune’ on this CD for me was, that great Hornpipe The Brigade …. next in line are the Francis O’Connor Reels. 😀

Thanks Dan!


Lark’s Air

This is a must for any CD collection, lovely playing and gorgeous tunes. If it was possible to burn out an MP3, this is the recording that would have done it! Class 🙂