Flagstone Memories

By Andrew Mac Namara, Orla Harrington And Jim Higgins

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More info to follow.

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This is a fascinating album, released independently (see http://www.orlaharrington.com for purchase details or check the Custy’s site), and featuring the concertina of Andrew MacNamara, Orla Harrington’s fiddle and Jim Higgins on piano and percussion.

The album’s roots lie in the discovery of a box of tapes and a reel-to-reel recorder in the Harrington family’s attic in Cratloe, southeast Clare, and said archive recordings provided the inspiration for the tunes played here.

The disc itself is a bit of an oddity as it actually looks like a 4" vinyl recording, complete with spindle hole and grooves. I’ve not yet had the guts to check whether it actually plays on a turntable.

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Andrew Mac on the concertina?? Are you sure now?

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Ah, feck, feck, feck,

That’ll teach me to submit entries while making apple chutney!

That is Andrew Mac Namara on the button accordion.

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Same as …?

"The disc looks like a 4" vinyl recording…" - the "Raw Bar Collective" CD released earlier this year is in the same format. Don’t think I’ll try it on the record player - doesn’t say if it’s 33, 45 rpm 🙂
You might laugh at this, Mac, but it’s true. I’d been listening to some 45rpm singles last week, and then put on an LP by an Irish/American "new-age" group of the 1980s who had better remain nameless. I listened to the whole of the first side, and it wasn’t until I came to a song on the 2nd side that I realised I’d been listening to it at 45 instead of 33 !
To get back to the subject, this looks like an interesting album, and I’ll look out for it.

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Kenny, your story reminded me of a time, many years ago, when I occasionally deputized on my university’s local radio station. I put on one of the sides of Miles Davis’s ‘Live Evil’ (the one with Keith Jarrett improvising around a wonky electric piano) which lasted around twenty minutes and wandered off to the bar, thinking I had time enough to down a pint.

My quaffing was interrupted rather sooner than I’d expected by the station’s manager’s appearance. I’d left the damned thing on at 45rpm. Later I spoke to a jazz-knowledgeable friend who’d heard the show and she told me that she’d never heard Miles playing the horn so high.

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