Dookin’ For Apples

By Alistair Anderson

  1. Culloden Day
  2. Kasper’s Rant
    Sling The Hatchet
  3. The New Moon
    Curds And Cream
  4. Crooked Bawbee
  5. Wedding Shoes
    Number 28
  6. The West Indian
    The Stage
  7. The White Meadow
  8. The Simonside
    Wedderburn’s Cave
    Dookin’ For Apples
  9. Mayday
  10. Silver Tassie
    The Flowers Of The Forest
  11. Hold On
    Lads Of Leith
    Up And Run Away
  12. Whittle Dean
    Pet Of The Pipers
  13. Bob Johnson’s
    Miss Soutar Of Plains
    Great Eastern
  14. Jack’s Gettin’ A Wife
    A New Way Of Gettin’ Bairns
    Carding And Spinning
    Polly The Lass

Four comments

Rants, Reels and Airs from Northumberland and Scotland

Dookin’ For Apples

Ha! I came across this a long time ago: it’s one of Alistair Anderson’s early solo albums, before he began composing and arranging the suites of music that have won him acclaim since - “Steel Skies”, et cetera. The tunes are predominantly a mix of Northumbrian, Scottish and English trad with one or more of his own - not much if anything by way of distinctively Irish tunes on here. Alistair Anderson is known as an English concertina player first and foremost and also as a Northumbrian smallpipes player: I believe both instruments are played on this one. I do not know if anybody else plays on this album.

“Alistair Anderson: Dookin’ For Apples”

Front Hall Records, Voorheesvile, New York, 1979 - FHR-020
Produced by Alistair Anderson & Bill Spence

& the musicians and their instruments are ~

Alistair Anderson - English concertina & Northumbrian smallpipes ~

“I am accompanied on this record by the members of ‘Fennig’s All Star String Band’ -”

Bill Spence - hammered dulcimer4

George Wilson - fiddle, guitar & upright bass

Toby Stover - piano

& - Evan Stover - mandolin

This is likely the start of Alistair’s love affair with his own compositions, and there are several here -

Track 2: “Kaspar’s Rant”

Track 7: “The White Meadow”

Track 8: “Simonside Reel” / “Wedderburn’s Cave” / “Dookiin’ for Apples”

Track 9: “Mayday”

A fine musician on the English concertina and the smallpipes, but, in general, I’m no fan of his compositions and his “Steel Skies” is not amongst my favourite listens, on the contrary… 😛

Re: Dookin’ For Apples

Great record with lots of enjoyable tunes! I believe 11C may be linked incorrectly but I’m not sure. Lads of Leith is a reel rather than a slow air as described by the information on the linked tune. The liner notes said it is from the William Hall Lister manuscript, I’m not sure if this reel may have been a modified version of the air.