Hidden Ground

By Paddy Glackin, Jolyon Jackson

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  1. The Long Note
  2. The Jug Of Punch
    Eddie Kelly’s
  3. Rodney’s Glory
    The Bank Of Ireland
  4. The Japanese
  5. Give Me A Drink Of Water
    My Mind Would Never Be Easy
    The Humours Of Westmeath
  6. The Green Fields Of America
  7. The Whistler Of Rosslea
    Dowd’s Favourite
    The Hunter’s House
  8. The Drunken Sailor
  9. Port Na Bpucai
  10. Top It Off
    The Promenade
    The Congress

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Hidden Ground

One of my all time favourites. Probably offends some purists but the talent and amazing sounds they produced were twenty to forty years ahead of its time.Paddy Glackin played the fiddle and Jolyon Jackson played everything else. Amazing that twenty years after I first heard this I am still not tired of listening.

Ahead of its Time

The good thing about this album is that although the accompaniment includes evertyhing but the kitchen sink:synthesizers, piano, electric and bass guitars, cello, recorder and something resembling beer bottles being played under water, the tunes are played by Paddy Glackin on fiddle in a purely traditional manner without any jazzing up at all. It sounds weird to begin with but it grows on you with every listening. Sadly Jolyon Jackson is no longer with us.
This classic must be overdue for reissue on CD.

Hidden Ground

Oisin MacDiarmada’s favourite album too.. ..apparently..

I’d buy an LP player to be able to play this one!

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Baffles Me!

Paddy Glackin is my favourite fiddle player but this album is just terrible as far as I’m concerned. It has great tunes but it just sounds so dated with all the dodgy synths and such. I’m not a purist by any means, but this is just very dated in my mind. I have it on a cassette. Don’t know if its worth reissuing on CD. I wouldn’t be surprised if Glackin is preventing its re-release!

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Unfortunately you missed the following track in the list:
10. The Butterfly (Single Jig)

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Sorry, it’s not the tenth track, but track #9. And there is another mistake at track #4: the complete title is "The Japanese Hornpipes" (but it’s a slip jig 😉

What’s amazing with this disc is the number of instruments used by Jolyon Jackson!

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Japanese hornpipe

The Japanese hornpipe is a hornpipe - check it out in Bulmer and Sharpley.

Hidden Ground

Cracking album - never tire of playing along with it - or I would if I could find a new LP - my old cassette recording is wearing very thin. Anyone know where to dig for this gold? PLEASE, whoever has a handle on these things, produce a CD!

Japanese Hornpipe

Thank you Robin. I had better to write: "It sounds like a slip jig to my lazy ears".

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It did at least make "The Butterfly" flit, as opposed to lumber along like a pterodactyl, as one so often hears it played..!

Port na bPucai

Thank you so much Mick for putting this unique album in here. It has a timeless beauty that will never fade. And in fact,I think it’d be the ideal music to accompany one’s passing. maybe not the purest of versions, and terrible bodhran, and some forgettable synth sounds. But nobody has ever done anything quite like this, It’s all due to Jackson’s genius. He creates his own inimitable strand if the tradition.

And probably no version of Port na bPucai will ever come close to Jolyon Jackson’s ethereal, mournful reading ( but I hope someone does !!). One of the single most exquisite pieces of music I’ll hear, It really does take you into another dimension, where the Puca resides. It comes from the Blasket Islands I’ve heard, and the eerie whistles conjure up the stark bleak isolation of those crags sitting in the Atlantic.

Listening to the 1st track always puts me in mind of Chorlton & the Wheelies!

Hidden Ground

Just found a copy - this goes well with the psychedelic backing on the James Keane LP I posted about in discussions. Mmm, now where’d I put that Prophet 5? ;) Leg warmers, Miami Vice, pack of smokes underneath the t-shirt sleeve, ahh yes the 1980s.

Re: Hidden Ground

It is a beautiful album, even the cover is fascinating! The harmonies, tricks & background Jackson supplies set the tunes like Bank of Ireland & Drunken Sailor off so well they make you listen with an unbelieving ear. The opening of Japanese hornpipe with the phased watery effect; the electronic harpsichord on Give me a Drink of Water effortlessly moving into My Mind etc is a real development in traditional music. Drunken Sailor though when the bottles come in is literally a masterstroke! Thanks to my old friend Benno for telling me I better listen to it. The LP is well worn & scratched badly on the Long Note…..definitely need a CD or new vinyl pressing.

Re: Hidden Ground

Track # 7 is listed on my cassette insert as "Reevy’s Reels/Dowd’s Favourite". After a request in the discussions, and listening to the track, I’ve amended the original listing above.
Incidentally, I have this on cassette as "The Best Of Irish Jigs And Reels - Vol.2", and you have to read the insert to find out that it is actually the Paddy Glackin and Jolyon Jackson "Hidden Ground" recording. My tape was released by Tara Records of Dublin in 1980. Kind of makes me wonder what "Vol.1" was….. answers on a postcard………………………

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Re: Hidden Ground

No you’re quite correct, Frank, and so is your link above.

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Hidden Ground track 6 jig ?

TRack 6 has a G jig before the reel. What’s it called ?

Here’s the A part -

AB|: ~c3 ~B3 | AGABGE| DEG AGA | BdB AGE |
| ~c3 ~B3 | AGABGE| DEG AGA |BGG G3|