First Steps

By The Jig Is Up!

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"The Jig is Up!" - which includes the author of the following

"Brings A Smile" ~ C: mallette
Submitted on November 28th 2011 by the composer - mallette.

"The Gargoyle" ~ C: mallette
Submitted on May 31st 2007 by the composer - mallette.

Recording this tune.
We have up on YouTube a video of our band in the studio recording this tune. To hear what it sounds like, check out


It’s the third tune in the reel set.

# Posted on September 14th 2011 by mallette

The recording is out!
First Steps was released this month by The Jig Is Up!
Available on CDBaby and iTunes.

# Posted on November 28th 2011 by mallette

New recording (Nov 2011) by Houston’s new traditional Irish band.

Fifteen tracks: five songs, one air, and nine dance medleys, including two original tunes.

The Jig Is Up!

formed last year after we played a St. Pat’s gig as a ‘pickup’ band of five compatible session players. We had so much fun we decided to keep it going and see what we could build. Our goal is to play the music traditionally, while keeping it fresh with interesting arrangements and a few harmonic or melodic surprises.

Glad to see comment and a link, appreciated. Best of luck!