It’s A Hard Road To Travel

By Andy McGann And Paul Brady

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It\’s a Hard Road to Travel

Classy tunes, classy playing. I love Andy McGann’s fiddling.What more can I say?

Track 3 ~ a change of tunes

The LP release in 1977 had the following two tunes in a set for track 3:

“The Gaelic League March” / Katherine Brennen’s Favorite Hornpipe"

“Andy McGann and Paul Brady”
Shanachie LP 29009, 1977

“Andy McGann and Paul Brady: It’s A Hard Road to Travel”
Shanachie CD 34011, 1995

All tracks between these two releases are the same except for #3…


thanks,ceolachan - my recording is of course the cd album.

ta for the extra info.

Track 3 of LP 29009

Hmm, I have the LP from 1977 and track 3, side 1 is the same as the CD (The Gold Ring/Carmen’s Amber). I can’t believe there were two releases with the same ID number!

Eh ???

I agree with Claudio. Don’t recall the 2 tunes you mentioned being on that recording at all, “ceolachan”. They are certainly not on the 1977 LP that I have.

The Gaelic League March is also not on the LP from 1977 in my possession atm. But it is mentioned in the liner notes, and notated there too… Very Inkteresting.

Hard Road

Track 10a called “Reavy’s” is actually Maudabawn Chapel - the link here goes to a different reel.

Really like the Bonnie Kate on this CD

Bit of confusion here I think - what is listed as tracks 2a and 2b are in fact the reel “Drag her round the road”, which McGann called “Andy McGann’s #42 Bunratty reel”

Re: It’s A Hard Road To Travel

This is probably the best irish fiddle recording ever.

Re: It’s A Hard Road To Travel

McDermott’s on track 5 is played as a four part hornpipe combining the Galway and McDermott’s. Andy McGann presumably got this medley from Michael Coleman who recorded the same four parter.