By Sprangeen

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Sprangeen has been Kathleen King (double bass, fiddle), Martha McGlynn (concertina), Mary MacMaster (metal-strung clarsach, whistle, temple bells, vocals), Rosa Michaelson (fiddle, triangle, duck-call), Patsy Seddon (gut-strung clarsach, fiddle, vocals), ans Ann Ward (concertina, flute).

(c)/(p) 1984 on Springthyme SPR 1013

Sprangeen by Sprangeen

The final set is given here as four tunes - it’s only three:

11 Ciamar A Ni Mi An Dannsa Direach
Paddy’s Leather Breeches
Atholl Highlanders

Sprangeen by Sprangeen

Incidentally, "Ciamar A Ni Mi An Dannsa Direach" is translated as "How will I do the dance properly":

‘How will I do the reel neatly when the pin has gone from the bottom of my coat and left me all awry?’

The tune used for this port a beul is a variant of "Paddy’s Leather Breeches".

Re: Sprangeen

I asked for and received this album for Christmas, and I love it. The sleeve notes on the LP are also very comprehensive, as an added bonus.