The Fiddle Case

By Quentin Cooper, Eoin O’Neill, Eimear Howley

  1. Cregg’s Pipes
    Sheila Coyle’s
  2. Cailleach An Airgid
    Hills Of Glenorchy
    Primrose Vale
  3. The Travelling Peoples
  4. Coolderry Bridge
    The Whistling Postman
    The Mills Are Grinding
  5. Spancil Hill
  6. The Primrose Lass
    Music In The Glen
  7. The Lonesome Boatman
  8. The New Century
    The North Shore
  9. The Battle Of Aughrim
  10. Compliments To Sean Maguire
    Mary Claire
    Donal’s Brigade

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Published 2009


.. is better than "good", I’d say. Eimar’s playing is the highlight of this album, for me.

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Cheers Kenny, I’ve updated the track listings. You’re right, the fiddle is the highlight of the album. The rendition of Coolderry Bridge is really good. Certainly better than the singing anyway!