Agus Na Muideartaich

By Fergie MacDonald

Three comments

“Fergie MacDonald: Agus Na Muideartaich”

Lismor Recordings, 1993 / CD 2007

With more than 20 albums and a stalwart of the ceilidh scene in Scotland it surprised the hell out of me that Fergie MacDonald hadn’t even one album listed on site here. So, here’s a first. But, I haven’t yet got this one myself, but will likely chase it up as another listen for our once a year change from Irish to Scottish dance in the week of Burns Night, soon. So, in absence of the recording my comments will be limited. Here’s hoping someone else will have something to share about this very active button box player.

The musicians featured on this recording are:

Fergie MacDonald - button accordion

Iain MacDonald - flute, whistle, smallpipes, bodhran

Joe Cunningham - banjo

Iain MacFarlane - fiddle

John Carmichael - accordion

Dave Flockhart - piano

Alasdair MacLeod - bass

Allan MacColl - drums

His 16 tracks with his headings:

1. ) Ceili Music
2. ) Hebridean Reels
3. ) Bothan Ballads
4. ) Hooligan’s Jig
5. ) Moidart Reels
6. ) Benbecula Barn Dance
7. ) Real “Fergie” Jigs
8. ) Tribute to Bobby MacLeod - 6/8 March
9. ) The Jig
10.) Button Box Schottische
11.) Ian MacFarlane ‘On the Fiddle’
12.) Jigs “Box and Banjo”
13.) Talla a’Bhaila Reels
14.) Ceilidh on the Croft
15.) Isle of Skye Reels
16.) Ceol Eirainn