Fair Warning

By Johnny Cunningham

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Fair Warning

This is a mix of Scots and Irish music with John Cunningham on the fiddle, Zan McLeod on guitar, Tim Britton on uilleann pipes and others. About 5 years ago I heard the Scots Air "Archibald McDonald of Keppoch" from this recording and it made me take up the fiddle again after 50 years. Astonishingly beautiful. The whole CD is wonderful. I believe the titles of the two Planxtys on Track 3 are reversed and are actually played in reverse order to the notes.



The last word in my comment above should have the word "liner" in front of it. It’s not the case that the notes of the tunes are played in reverse!


Download bargain

Currently or sale through iTunes for £5.99. An album of great fiddle playing, by a great player, which deserves better appreciation. Johnny used to say he was good at playing the fiddle either very slow or very fast - he does both on this recording, but always - [ in the words of the late Kenny Everett ] - "in the best possible taste".

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