The Trip To Carrick

By Lamond Gillespie, Cormac Gannon And John Blake

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The Trip to Carrick - Own Label - LCB 001

Released in December 2011 on their own label, this is a stunning album of fiddle and pipe music, accompanied on piano by John Blake. Every dance tune is full of lilt, lift, and drive, and Gannon’s version of the Lament for O’Donnell is absolutely breathtaking. I strongly suspect that the slip jig on track 2 is set to become a session classic…

Available from Custy’s:

1. Reels
2. Slip Jig
3. Reels
4. Waltz & Reel
5. Air
6. Reels
7. March
8. Reels
9. Jigs
10. Reels
11. Hornpipe
12. Reels
13. Reels
14. Marches
15. Reels

Pipes, Fiddle and Piano

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was told it was a Pipes & fiddle duet backed by piano. But, on first hearing, I just couldn’t get enough of the album. All tunes are played at a steady, lively pace and the harmony between each musician is very evident in the tightness of their playing.