1. Lori
    One, Two, Three
  2. Emotional Storm
    Breton Ridée
  3. Marcos Llope
    The Oblique
    Hayden’s Rock
  4. You Can Call Me Big Al
  5. Eva
  6. The Slide From Grace
    The Queen Of Rangoon
  7. Modul 1
  8. Coriolis
    Hold Up The Sky

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First release from KAN, formed January 2010. The line-up is Brian Finnegan (whistles, flute), Aidan O‘Rourke (fiddle), Ian Stephenson (guitars ’n’ stuff) and Jim Goodwin (percussion). I’ve just had a play through, and it’s a lovely album.
Samples, ordering facility and suchlike.

Awesome album 🙂


Is this set two tunes?… I don’t have the physical copy yet, so no liner notes, but I thought it was just one tune and the rest was just kind of a long interlude bit.


I agree, it does sound very interludy after Lori but it’s honoured as a tune in the liner notes: “One, Two, Three” by Jim Goodwin and Ian Stephenson. Of course, KAN go back briefly to Lori at the end.

Either way, it’s awesome, just like this whole album. Totally epic! Been waiting for this to come out for what seemed like forever… Hope to catch the band somewhere soon.

Modul 1

Awesome album! The picture of the japanese guy btw is funny.. lol.. The art of this album is fantastic! This page would become very beautiful with the front of the CD here.
What’s the key of the tune Modul 1?