Grogarry Lodge

By Simon Bradley Trio

  1. The Coalman
    Matty’s Welcome
    The Glass Eyes
  2. Crooked Croft
    Fiddle Cushion
  3. Baleshare
  4. Betty Beardmore
    Peninsular Man
    Buncrana Bop
  5. Iain Carmichael Of Lochcarron
    Alone In The Castle
  6. Matheu Watson’s
    Molly In The Fiddle Case
    The Eco Bullet
  7. Grogarry Lodge
    The Causeway Cakewalk
    Martyn Bennett’s
  8. Libby Shaw Of Lochawe
  9. An Uncle At Last
    El Molin Del Puirtu
    Chris And Tully’s
  10. Marcha De Riosa
    Louis Kaplan’s
  11. King Canute’s
  12. Pearse At 60

One comment

The trio on this recording is made up of Simon Bradley, Anna Wendy Stevenson and Matheu Watson. It was recorded in May 2011 at Grogarry Lodge, a beautiful house on South Uist. Simon Bradley’s music is very much influenced by his Donegal roots, combined with lengthy periods is Spain (playing with Llan de Cubel) and his living in Scotland over the last 25 years.

All of the tunes are recent compositions from Simon, even though a few have already entered the tradition. There is a book currently available "Buncrana to Baleshare" which includes all of these tunes, as well as some poems written by Simon’s father, Pearse.

There are some great tunes in the collection, and both are available from Simon’s website: