Mackintosh At Murthly

By Pete Clark

  1. Miss Farquharson Of Invercauld
    Miss Mary Macdonald Of Clanronald
    Lady Charlotte Gould
  2. Lord Balgownie’s Minuet
  3. Jenny’s Bawbee
    Duddington Castle
    Miss Hay
    Sir William Dick
  4. Minuetto
  5. Miss Dickson
    Light And Airy
    Miss Dalrymple Of North Berwick
    Miss Sophia Campbell Of Saddell
    Miss Mary Garden Of Troup
  6. Air (Allegro)
  7. Lady Charlotte Campbell
    Mr Anderson
    Lord Rollo
    The Hon. Mrs Maule
  8. Miss Carnegie’s Minuet
  9. Mr John Trotter Of Castellaw’s
    Mrs Trotter Of Castellaw’s
    Mr John Trotter
  10. Miss Grace Stewart’s Minuet
  11. Miss Annie Robertson (Dingwall)
    Miss Campbell Of Saddell’s
    Miss Field’s
  12. Gavotta
  13. Mr Oswald Of Auchincruive’s
    Mrs Oswald Of Auchincruive’s New
    Miss Ester Oswald Of Auchincruive’s
    Mrs Oswald Of Auchincruive’s Favourite
  14. Lady Helenora Home’s Minuet
  15. Miss Wedderburn’s
    The Marquis Of Huntly’s New
    The Hon. Mrs Campbell Of Lochnell’s
  16. March
  17. Miss Douglas’
    Mrs Macleod Of Macleod’s
    Mrs Mercer’s
    Miss Ann Mackay’s Favourite (I’ll Make You Fain To Follow Me)
    Miss Barbara Hay’s Favourite)
  18. Air (Andante)
  19. Jigg
  20. Miss Isabella Robertson’s
    Mr Wilson’s
    The Lads Of Dunce
    Miss Ommanny’s
  21. Quickstep
  22. The Last Pint Of Ale

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Scottish music from the 18th century

Pete Clark plays the compositions of Robert Mackintosh (1745-1807), along with Heather Netz on violin and Christine Hanson on Cello. A very tasteful mixture between baroque and trad…


There is no place near Dunkeld and Blairgowrie in Perthshire called "Murphy". It’s "Murthly" - please correct it.

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