The Old Wheel Of Fortune

By Fidil

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Aidan O’Donnell ~ fiddle
Damien McGeehan ~ fiddle
Ciaran O’Maonaigh ~ fiddle

Another classy, stirring album from "Fidil" that only features fiddles throughout. Which means that they have put quite a bit of thought into the arrangements and the playing with fiddles doing the lead and all the supporting sounds.

“Sensational – the best release I’ve heard in 2011 – truly jaw-dropping and inspiring” – Bruce MacGregor, BBC Radio Scotland

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Tune Titles - The Old Wheel Of Fortune (Fidil album)

Couple of observations regarding tune titling etc., - the waltz titled "Alec McConnell’s" generally has no title other than "The Valeta Waltz", referring to a particular type of waltz dance. Thus, there are other waltzes that were played for the Valeta. The only other title I heard being put on this tune is "Johnny So Long At The Fair". The latter was originally the title of an oldd English tune that would be the origin of the first part of the set dance "St. Patrick’s Day", so probably a title borrowed for the waltz somewhere along the line.

The waltz generally referred to as "Alec McConnell’s" can be found on the album "Fidil 3".

The version of the Cameronian here did not come down to us from Francie Dearg of Kilcar, it came from John McGinley of Mín Na Croise, Glencolmcille. I don’t think Francie Dearg’s version is recorded anywhere commercially.

Whatever way this site links tunes of the same title, in this case this tune is not related to the common session tune "The Cameronian".