Carrying The Tune

By Kevin Crawford

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BallyO Records - BOR 002 (2012)

Kevin Crawford: Flute & Whistles
John Doyle: Guitar & Bouzouki
Brian Morrissey: Bodhrán
Mick Conneely: Bouzouki

1. Reels
2. Slip Jigs
3. Reels
4. Waltzes
5. Jigs
6. Hornpipe & Reels
7. Air & Jigs
8. Slip Jigs & Horo
9. Slides & Single Jig
10. Reels
11. Jigs
12. Reels
13. Jig & Reel
14. Air & Reel

Just lost our bartender over here (a week ago), one Jerry McHugh from Galway, owner of McHugh’s of Lakeland. This album starting out with ‘McHugh’s’ strikes an odd chord, having read the sheet music off the wall of the bar a little over a month ago. Hadn’t yet had a chance to ask him about “Kelaghan’s”, a bar in Galway that I noticed online.

Kevin Crawford’s NEW solo CD “Carrying the Tune”

Hi Folks,
Just posted some tracks from “Carrying the Tune” on my "NEW’ website.
Just click the audio tab at the top of the home page and play the chosen tracks.
I had the best experience musically and otherwise with John Doyle, Brian Morrissey and Mick Conneely during the making of this album.
The album is available to purchase from the website too and digital downloads will follow very soon.
I hope you enjoy the finished product.


Bought this recently on the strength of a couple of tracks played on Alan O‘Leary’s Copperplate records podcast. Pleased that I did, lovely piece of work, quality from start to finish, (I prefer Liam O’Flynn’s version of the air at track 14, but that’s not to knock Kevin’s.)
If you listen to the samples mentioned above, the rest is as good, no weak tracks.

Carrying the Tune

Well I bought this on the credentials of those on the album including John Doyle - not forgetting Kevin himself. Not disappointed. I copied the detailed tracklisting from here and the album cover and submitted it to iTunes as the version they had was sadly lacking in tune names.
Great album but what would a guitar player who’s a wannabe fiddler know about this.

The Hula Hoop

Would anyone have notes for the Hula Hoop. I nearly have worked out the whole tune from the CD but was wondering if anyone would have done the same a bit better, as my interpretation isn’t perfect.

Queen Mary’s Hornpipe

It’s listed here as Queen of May reel, not the same tune on the recording. Also just realised that John Egan’s with A and B parts reversed is Tom Dowd’s Favourite.

Re: Carrying The Tune

Having recently listened again to this CD and to Kevin’s “D flute” album of a few years earlier the comparison is interesting. To my ear, “D flute” is a CD by a very fine flute player. “Carrying the tune” is a CD by an absolute master!