Jean’s Hill

By Brendan Mulholland

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Jean’s Hill by Brendan Mulholland

Solo flute CD by Brendan Mulholland, on Michael Grinter flutes:
E flat flute, tracks 2 & 6
D flute, tracks 1,4,5,8,9,10,11 & 12
B flat flute, tracks 3 & 7

Supported on the tracks by:
Stevie Dunne, guitar and bouzouki
Francis McElduff, bodhrán
Paul O’Donnell, piano

Released 2012

Kevin’s post

Thanks for letting my know on FB Kevin, looks promising,
Ronnie Bracke

Great CD

Lovely CD. I was impressed by his technical brilliance on the first CD but I thought that the accompaniment was on the heavy side. On this latest CD the accompanying instrument is very tasteful. It’s a great CD that every fluter should have and listen to.