A Trip To Mabou Ridge

By Theresa And Marie MacLellan

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  1. Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip To Boston
    Ann MacQuarrie’s
    O’er The Isles To America
  2. Ladies
    The Rocket
  3. John MacColl’s Farewell To The Scottish Horse
    Mrs. MacInroy Of Lude
    The Rossini
    Sleepy Maggie
  4. The Battle At Glencoe
  5. Margaret Chisholm’s
    Princess Florence’s
  6. Tam Bain’s Slum
  7. Fisher’s Rant
    Munlochy Bridge
    Mrs. Augustus Murphy
    The Gerhard Heintzman Piano
    Donald Cameron’s
  8. The Bell Piano
    Blair Drummond
    Sheep Shanks
    Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart
    Bonnie Nellie
    The King’s
  9. Dovecot Park
    Marie MacInnis’
  10. Factory Smoke Clog
    Anna Mae’s
  11. Jessie Smith
    The Sow’s Tail
    St. Anne’s
  12. The Athole Highlanders’ Farewell To Loch Katrine
    A Trip To Mabou Ridge
  13. Mrs. MacArty, Have You A Daughter
    The River Bend
  14. Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddles
    Down The Broom

One comment

Theresa and Marie MacLellan – A Trip to Mabou Ridge

This is one of the greatest recordings of Cape Scottish music. Both players are fabulous musicians. The contents are a mix of old Scottish tunes and tunes originating in Cape Breton. The musical style is old Cape Breton, more “fiddley” than “violiney.” The piano accompaniment is superb, The whole recording is a synergism of the music of two great musicians, sisters who have played together for decades. I recommend it highly.