The Flying Pig

By Slide

  1. Connie The Soldier
    Ownie Davis’
    Within A Mile Of Dublin
    The Rat In The Oven
  2. The Flying Pig
    Port An Deorai
    Cnocan An Teampaill
  3. North Sea Crossing
    The Boys Of Baile Nahinse
    The Callan Lasses
  4. Stay A While
  5. Micho Russell
    Tribute To Morrison
    The Moving Bog
    Boy On The Hilltop
    The Limestone Rock
  6. Tts1
  7. Gan Ainm
    Eddie Kelly’s
    My Recurring
  8. The Boy Of Bluehill
  9. Harvest Fair Polka 3
    Taureen Derby
  10. Natalie
    Gar Na NGealt
    O’ Rourke’s Wild Irishman

Three comments

Slide won the best newcomers at the 2001 irish music magazine awards and consist of Aogan Lynch, Daire Bracken, Mick Broderick, and Eamonn deBarra. Aogan (vocals, concertina, whistles) is related to the Seamus and Brendan Begley and was voted TG4 young musician of the year 1999. Daire plays guitar,fiddle and sings. He was an original member of Danu and has toured with the Niamh Parsons band and Stocktons Wing.
Mick Broderick plays Bouzouki (one made by Joe Foley by the looks of it). He is one of the Broderick’s of East Galway(of which Vincent and Patsy are well known). Eamonn DeBarra is from Dublin. He is responsible for Vocals, whistles, flute and keyboards. He learned music under instruction from Sean O’ Tuama and won the TG4 young musician of the year in 2000.
This is a brilliant album which i for one would recommend highly.

Re: The Flying Pig

The second Ni Fios on track 1 is a Frankie Gavin original that he included on his album, "Frankie Goes to Town," although it doesn’t appear to be in the database.

The tune on track 5 listed as Micho Russell’s also goes by the name, The Flowers of the Red Mill

Track 6 is a medley of these jigs:
Old Lark in the Morning
Brian O’Lynn (in B minor)
Headwood Crossing

Track 7 Gan Ainm is John Naughton’s