Dancing Days Are Here Again

By The Albion Dance Band

  1. Varsovianna
  2. Cuckoo’s Nest
  3. Merry Sherwood Rangers
  4. Picking Of Sticks
    The Old Mole
  5. Trips To Brighthelmstone
  6. Fair Maid Of Islington
  7. Princess Royal
  8. I’ll Go And ‘llist For A Sailor
  9. Boony Green Garters
  10. Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene
  11. La Sexte Estampie Royale
  12. Old Sir Simon The King
  13. Topping Down In Kent
  14. Horse’s Brawl
  15. Black Mary’s
  16. Froggy’s First Jump
    Beetle On The Wine
  17. Snowdrop
  18. Gervaise Brawl
  19. Jenny In Her Shift
    Tom Jones
  20. Hi! Tequila Tango
    High Tea Tango
  21. The Fretful Porcupine
  22. Wiggle,Wriggle
    Roll Me Over
  23. October 4th
  24. Seaside Shuffle
  25. The View
  26. The Chaplet
    Bantering Billy
  27. Elderwaters
  28. Black Almain
    Halek Brawl

Two comments

"The Albion Dance Band: Dancing Days are Here Again" - double CD

: A double album of great vintage folk-rock dance music from stage to studio"
Label: Talking Elephant, 2008

Surprised that there isn’t already an Albion Band album on site here. This one had a dance focus to it.

1. ) 1976 - a performance at London’s Festival Hall = tracks 1 - 15
2.) 1983 (Studio Recordings) is their album "Shuffle Off" = tracks 16 - 28

Not their best. Though there are some fun tracks, the singing is tired and dull… 😛