By Breabach

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  1. Glasgow Of The Big Shops
    Joe MacKenzie
  2. Major Campbell Graham MBE
    Oran Nam Mogaisean
  3. Gig Face
  4. Scotland’s Winter
    Park Piobaireachd
  5. Farley Bridge
  6. Western Skies
  7. Dr. Who And The Harris Tweed Jacket
    Tulloch Gorm
    B’ Fheàrr Mar A Bha Mi ‘n Uiridh
    Donald’s Rant
  8. Rivers Run
  9. Sorry I’m Late
  10. The New Paradigm
    Smelling Fresh
  11. M’eudail, M’ Eudail Mac Mhic Ailean
  12. Scotland’s Winter (Radio Edit)

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A Wish

I wish folks who post recordings would give a short description of the work, such as "A collection of Scottish polkas played on noseflute and spoons" or "Breabach reinvents the traditional waltz by backing it with hip-hop beats".

Just so one would have a vague idea what it sounds like.


Never been able to understand why someone would go to the trouble of posting a recording without making any comment about it. I haven’t heard this recording myself, but "Breabach" are one of the best Scottish bands around at the moment, and worth going to see if you get the chance.

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Yeah, sorry about the lack of comment, I meant to come back and add one and never got round to it.

So, without further ado:

A cracking album by Breabach, now with Megan Henderson instead of Patsy Reid in the line up. Some fantastic songs (English and Gaelic) and some nicely arranged sets. An upbeat an cheery album.

😀 What a kick…