By Spiro

  1. Yellow Noise
  2. Steeple
  3. You’ve Been Too Long Away, Willie Gray
  4. Arches
  5. The Mezzotint
  6. The Weavers
  7. Abbesses
  8. Spit Fire Spout Rain
  9. Aerodrome
  10. Softly Robin
  11. Saw Ye Never A Bonny Lass
  12. Swarm
  13. We Will Be Absorbed
  14. When Wars Alarmes

Two comments


Five English tunes are used in this album on tracks 3,6,10,11 and 14, and are listed as such here in order to assist their identification if they are submitted in the Tunes section of this website.

Tracks 10 and 14 are in fact both track titles and tune names.

Tracks 3, 6 and 11 are titled as follows on the CD (and are not necessarily tune names):
3 The City And The Stars
6 Rose Engine
11 The Gloaming

Kaleidophonica was published 20 February 2012 by Real World Records. Linked websites are,


Further details of the tunes used on the CD:

You’ve Been Too Long Away, The Weavers Hornpipe, and Softly Robin come from John Offord’s collection John of the Green, the Cheshire Way published by Green Man Music.

Saw Ye Never A Bonny Lass is from Matt Seattle’s book The Master Piper.

When Wars Alarmes is from William Winter’s Quantocks Tune Book, edited by Geoff Wolfe and published by Halsway Manor Society, Crowcombe, Taunton Somerset.

Please note that The Weavers Hornpipe on the Kaleidophonica CD is not the same as The Weavers (a slide) https://thesession.org/tunes/1527.