Manhattan Island Sessions

By Caitlin Warbelow And Friends

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  1. Goodbye To Ireland
  2. After Aughrim’s Great Disaster
  3. Wilfie’s Shaskeen Reels
  4. The Devil Had Ahold Of Me
  5. My Mind Will Never Be Easy
    The Dusty Miller
  6. Boots Of Spanish Leather
  7. Boys Of Ballisodare
    Dr. Gilbert’s
    Father Kelly’s
  8. The Cock And The Hen
    The Foxhunter’s
    Come Under My Dimity
  9. Who WIll Sing Me Lullabies?
  10. Dwyer’s
    Mother And Child
    Patsy Hanley’s
  11. The Factory Girl
  12. Splendid Isolation
    The Old Bush
    The Star Of Munster

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Manhattan Island Sessions

This is a live recording from several sessions in New York City in 2012. Great snapshot of some of the amazing music being played in the many sessions here--includes some American songs. Nominated for an Independent Music Award! (okay, it’s a shameless plug---vote here: and buy it here:

From the liner notes:

Caitlin Warbelow, fiddle
Kyle Sanna, guitar
Alan Murray, guitar/bouzouki
Ryan McGiver, guitar
Dan Lowery, flute/whistles
Liz Hanley, fiddle /vocals
Sean Farrell, box
Tom Dunne, box/fiddle
Will Cushing, fiddle
Johnny Cuomo, guitar/vocals
Marta Cook, harp
Anna Colliton, bodhran
Allison Barber, vocals
Tom Bailey, mandolin/vocals
Isaac Alderson, uilleann pipes/flute

All tunes and songs belong to the traditional Irish repertoire except The Devil Had Ahold of Me by Gillian Welch, ©2007; Boots of Spanish Leather by Bob Dylan, ©1964; and Who Will Sing Me a Lullaby by Kate Rusby, ©2000. The lyrics to After Aughrim’s Great Disaster were written by Patrick Augustine Canon Sheehan (d. 1913) and are set to the tune John O’Dwyer of the Glen. The Factory Girl is a traditional song (ca. 1850) common in both the Irish and American traditional repertoires. The great fiddler Brendan McGlinchey wrote the first tune in the last set, called Splendid Isolation; it’s a lovely tune to play in a city where such a sentiment occurs both never and always.

All tunes and songs were selected and arranged mere moments before they were captured on electronic medium for your listening pleasure - for best results, listen with a glass in hand, around two in the morning.

Tracks 1, 7, 8, 10, and 12 recorded at the Wednesday night session at Trinity Pub (299 E 84th St.)
Tracks 2, 4, 6, and 9 recorded at the Sunday night session at O’Neill’s Pub (729 3rd Ave.)
Tracks 3 and 5 recorded at the Monday night session at Wilfie & Nell’s (228 W 4th St.)
Produced by Caitlin Warbelow
Recording engineering by Michal Olownia
Mixed by Kyle Sanna
Mastered by The SoundLab at Discmakers
Design by The Design Studio at Discmakers
Exterior photography: “Manhattan” by Alfonson Zubiaga ©2008
Interior photography by Jimmy O’Kelly ©2008-2011