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By Patrick Street

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I read two reviews on Patrick Street’s latest album ‘Streetlife’ and was a bit surprised by severe qualifications like ‘dull and depressing’ , ‘tunes with little or no life and lift’. I can barely imagine my idol Kevin Burke to be contributing to an album with such results; I am shocked 🙂.
So : who has heard the album? Is it really that bad? And/ or what are your opinions on other Pat Street albums and the band in general?

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Dag Henk!

To be honest, I’m inclined to agree with those criticisms. I’ve got all of the Patrick Street LPs and this one is quite bland, especially in comparison to the first three. Patrick St no. 1 has to be one of my favourite CDs - Street Life doesn’t even come close. I’m not a huge fan of Ged Foley; he has a hard act to follow in Arty McGlynn and I think he should leave the singing to Andy Irvine. I’m sure there are plenty who disagree - this is just my personal opinion.

I saw the band live recently and they played a few sets from the last CD. They seemed to be going through the motions, and it wasn’t until Andy Irvine sang “Indiana” (from Patrick St no.1) that I got a frisson of excitement.

I would imagine that this is due in no small part to a heavy touring schedule - maybe they need a rest, as to my mind they looked as though they wanted to be somewhere else, especially Jackie Daly (one of my heroes).

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Ya i agree, i think Ged Foley is’nt a patch on Arty McGlynn. I think the fact that he does most of the singing is why this album is so poor. Surely Andy Irvine’s singing is one of the reasons for Patrick Street being so popular so why change? I get the impression this album is more of an experiment than a genuine committment to making another great album. Also i think the sets are not as good as usual. Maybe it is time for a rest.
I love the bands other album’s and purchased “streetlife” as soon as it was available. I listened to it for about a week and have put it on the self since. Dull, boring and a waste of money. I like only one track on it, i can’t remember the names of the tunes involved, ……………i can’t even find my copy of the album to tell you the name of the tunes (maybe that shows me how much i dislike it)

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Well I agree about Ged. Definitely the weakest factor of the album - especially with the frankly awful song “if we had built a wall”. Andy Irvine’s song selection could of perhaps been better. However, the tunes are far from boring - more simply arranged maybe, but they have both life and lift. Having also heard them live, the set of reels ((Trk 3) are melancholic and beautifully played and the set of slides and polkas (Trk 8) are fast and exciting. I don’t know may who like the songs on this album, but I know many consummate musicians who think the tunes are great.

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Streetlife - the last reel.

The very last reel in the details for Patrick Street’s “Streetlife” is given as “O’Keefe’s”.
It’s in D and ends with 3 emphatic notes - F E D.
However, the link takes you to the slide instead.
Searching through the reels for “O’Keefe’s” does bring up a couple, but not this one.
Does anyone know if this reel is on the Session by some other name?
Also, I’ve normally heard this tune as the last in a set of 3, but not the ones Patrick Street played.
Does anyone know this other set, and the names?

Yup! I also agree with the criticisms, and silly, over egged, though, considering the talents, there’s the occassional nice bit of playing buried amongst the silliness and cutesy arranging… Yup! Jackie’s playing, but why slam the slides and polkas together, that’s just one of those cheap tricks to thrill seat warmers. They would have been much better on their own. Who could blame Jackie Daly for eventually jumping ship?

If someone stumbles here interested in “Patrick Street” and it’s your first considered purchase, go with one of their decent efforts, such as the following, a great recording and earful:

“Patrick Street: All In Good Time”