Cairn Water

By Ceolbeg

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  1. Cantabrian
    Billy Forsyth’s Dancing Shoes
  2. Shoals Of Herring
  3. Cairn Water
  4. Working Shifts
  5. The Scottish Branle
    Herald Of Bores
  6. Eppie Moray
  7. Oh, Were I On Parnassus’ Hill
  8. Drumchorrie
  9. Archie Mackenzie Of Dumbarton
    Not The Bunnyhop
  10. To Each And Every One Of You
  11. The Congress
    Elizabeth’s Big Coat
    The Champion Of The Seas
    Jack Daniels
  12. Like Another Rolling Stone

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Cairn Water

Released in 1999.

Peter Boond - flute, whistles, cittern, vocals
Colin Matheson - keyboards, guitar, accordion, vocals
Rod Paterson - guitar, lead vocals
Wendy Stewart - electric harp, clarsach, concertina, lead vocals
Mike Travis - drums, percussion, vocals
Gary West - Great Highland war pipe, smallpipes, whistles, vocals

Some good tunes as ever - Cairn Water is a great air - but the songs are a bit heavy going.

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Rod Paterson’s never "heavy going".

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Wendy Stewart

Is that the same Wendy Stewart who used to live in Lancaster?

That’s a really nice line up!

All the best Brian x


Yes - she recorded with Donal Maguire, as part of his "Occasional Band" before moving to Edinburgh. I think her last recording was with "Ceolbeg" piper Gary West, as a duo. Some very good music on that recording. It’s about 10 years since "Ceolbeg" decided to knock it on the head, and there was a big farewell concert at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh with as many former members of the band as possible. Colin Mathieson has put some videos from that concert up on "Youtube". You’d certainly have met at least 3 of the players on that stage, Brian - me, Pete and Stuart Morrison. Happy days at the Kendal Folk Festival 🙂

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Kendal 1984 Ceolbeg

Hi Kenny! How could I forget?

I was standing in the wings as you played. What a lovely concert!

It was late August, early September 1984, Brewery Arts Centre Kendal. It only seems like yesterday.

I love Donal’s playing, but his singing is outstanding too. I played many times with him.

There was one night at Liverpool Trad Folk Club and TOB were the guests. Donal, Wendy, Liam Webster and John Murphy (Ildanach original and reformed line-up) That was a lovely performance too.

All the best

Brian x