A Galicia De Maeloc / O Berro Seco

By Milladoiro

  1. Danza De San Roque De Hio
  2. Tecendo Liño
  3. Danza De Cariño
  4. A Bruxa
  5. Muñeira Do Areal
  6. Si Bheag Si Mhor - John Ryan’s
  7. Rosalía
  8. Alalá
  9. Danza De Astureses
  10. Pasodoble Do Berbes
  11. Axeitame A Polainiña
  12. Polca Da Arousa
    Polca Do Tapai
  13. Marcha Escocesa;
    The Braemar Gathering
    Marcha Galega;
    O Berro Seco
    Reel Irlandes;
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  14. A Cruz Davella
    Jiga Misteriosa Y Maravillosa
  15. Fis Terra
  16. Muiñeira Vella De Mordomo
  17. Alborada
    Unha Noite No Santo Cristo
  18. Polca Dos Campaneiros
  19. Caraveliño Colorado
  20. A Furoca
  21. Brincadeiro;
    Golpe Do Carballiño;
    A Carrasqueira

Four comments

NB: I have changed the listing slightly so that the original name of the ‘Marcha Escocesa’ would appear, thereby facilitating cross referencing…

Some of my favourite tracks on these classic albums include:
Muiñeira Vella de Mordomo (which I intend to submit; it works very well as a jig), A Bruxa (‘The Witch’, a beautifully haunting melody written by Anton Seoane which has made its way into the repertoire of some Irish bands), and an amazing three-parts jig whose name and origin I would like to know for certain (was it written by Xosé V. Ferreirós as the presentation suggests?)
I’ve temporarily renamed it ‘Jiga misteriosa y maravillosa’..¡!

I’ve never heard this tune played at sessions (or anywhere else than on this album for the matter) and no musician I played it to ever recognised it. I also scoured this data base and even left a message on Milladoiro’s website once without getting any feedback.

You’re help is most welcome. And…
¡Ayuda con la significación de los títulos también!

The tunes ‘Muiñeira’ and ‘Alborada’ have a cross-reference link to probably the wrong muiñeira or alborada in the database. Please paste here more appropriate, useful links to the tunes actually recorded on the album.
You might know an alternative name for those tunes too…

Re: A Galicia De Maeloc / O Berro Seco

This collection is missing one track from each album, most likely for space.

They are:

9a. Ila Vai o Mar (tr 10 on A Galicia de Maeloc)

16a. Na Cova da Barxa (tr 5 on O Berro Seco)