Dónal Ring Céilí Band 21st Anniversary CD

By Dónal Ring

  1. The Stack Of Barley
    The Poet’s Choice
  2. The Ballad Of Christy Ring
  3. The Rakes Of Kildare
  4. Jimmy Shand
  5. McFadden’s Lovely Daughters
  6. Banks Of The Roses
    Boys Of Wexford
    The Campaigner
  7. The Duke Of Perth
    Dashing White Sergeant
    Davie Nick Nack
  8. Macks Rambles
    Buffalo Girls
  9. I’ll Forgive And I’ll Try To Forget
  10. The Blackthorn Stick
    Drunken Parson
    The Irish Washerwoman
  11. Seamus Connoly’s
    The Idler
  12. Buachaill ón Éirne
  13. Maid Of The Mill
    Signal Fires
  14. King Of The Fairies

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Taken from http://www.allcelticmusic.com/music/0c1c0ada-2a3d-102c-803f-000f1f67beb1/21st_Anniversary.html

"21 years! Well that gives you a good strong clue to the quality as well as the popularity. And that was in 1979 when this album was first released, and they are still going strong.
The sound should also have appeal for the Scottish end of ceilidh as it does have that fat dance band sound too."

Donal Ring - Accordion.
Dermot Ring - Accordion.
Mary Ring - Piano & Bass.
Garry Cronin - Violin.
Paddy Carey - Sax & Vocal.
Gerrard Casey - Accordion Chords.
Vincent McMahon - Drums.
Breda Ring - Vocals.

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Taken from http://www.tradireland.ie/pages.php?page=Donal%20Ring%20Ceili%20Band

"The Donal Ring Ceili Band 21st Anniversary CD

For 50 years the real Ring (and king) of Irish Céilí music!

FOR over half a century the Donal Ring Céilí Band from Cork have been synonymous with the ever expanding Traditional Irish music scene both at home and abroad.

This album, recorded to celebrate the band’s 21st anniversary in 1979, captures all the vibrancy of a brilliant bunch of musicians. The album is reflective of a band capable of belting out, with feeling and panache, the best of Irish music interspersed with a few songs.

As is inevitable down the years the band’s personnel changed from time to time but that instantly identifiable Ring sound has remained constant right down to the present day.

On this album the Irish tunes sit comfortably beside some Scottish influences as the band belt out the “Jimmy Shand Waltz”. It is appropriate that the Donal Ring band should have a Shand track on this set as the first accordion Donal bought was a Shand Morino back in 1956, two years before he hit the road with his band.

Donal’s determination to make it with music was evident even then, when at a tender age, he paid £215 for the Shand Morino accordion at a time when one could build a bungalow house for less that £1,000 or the price of five accordions!

Anyway this expensive instrument was the catalyst for Donal carving out a career for himself, members of his family and other professional players on

the Céilí music scene in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and of course now in the new millennium.

Apart from the music on this set there is also a fine rendition of a song about another famous Ring from Cork, the late great hurling superstar Christy Ring.

The song is sung here with great gusto, style and emotion by the late Paddy Carey who was a member of the band from its formation in 1958 until he passed away in 1989.

Breda Ring is also in fine voice as she sings the popular old Irish ballad “I’ll Forgive and I’ll try to Forget” and those two songs add a little extra spice to the fine selection of jigs, reels, hornpipes, waltzes, marches and set dance music on this album.

So start tapping your toes to the real Ring and king of Irish Ceilí music!"