In Our Own Dear Land

By Micho Russell

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"In Our Own Dear Land"

Do you know where this album might be available? Thanks M

In Our Own Dear Land

Hello mogralaigh- my father recorded this album along with 3 other Micho titles through his label gtd and it is available from his website I am just putting it up so people are aware of it- glad to see it is of interest

Re: In Our Own Dear Land

There’s more than those 11 on the CD. This is what I just finished transcribing from my copy:
12 Braes of Mar (Some Say the Devil’s Dead)
13 Titanic Song (tto: John Barleycorn, plus "hornpipe in boat" story)
14 South Wind
15 "Boharthesop" (w/story about Macroom and this reel, sorry I don’t know the actual Irish, this is phonetic)
16 The Piper’s Chair
17 Highland Laddie
18 Road to Galway (recorded when he was addressing an audience in Germany, from context)
19 Cliffs of Moher (interesting: he leads with the B part and then goes into the A part)

Also updated the Wiki entry so that those albums show up — they were not formatted correctly so they didn’t show on the discography.