Chemins De Terre

By Alan Stivell

  1. Susy MacGuire
  2. Ian Morrison’s
  3. She Moved Through The Fair
  4. Can Y Melinydd
  5. Oidhche Mhaith
  6. An Dro Nevez
  7. Maro Ma Mestrez
  8. Brezhoneg’ Raok
  9. An Hani A Garan
  10. Metig
  11. Kimiad

Three comments

Chemins de Terre, 1973

This Stivell’s vintage album deserved to appear in this database if only for its seminal folk-rock version of Ian Morrison’s reel (aka John Morrison Of Assynt House) with a D.A.B.(!) hand on electric guitar…
And its wealth of beautiful, moving songs from Brittany of course.

I used to hate rock guitar (esp. slidey ‘hero’ style or whatever it’s called (Hendrix ersatz)) and ‘folky’ fiddling AND drum-kit down-beat drudgery with a passion, but I had to make an exception for that track!
Hear for yourself: