Traditional Irish Music On Flute And Pipes

By Brian Holleran And Brian Bigley

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A nice tasty trad album with just flute and pipes.

From the web:

Brian Holleran was a longtime student of East Galway flute legend Mike Rafferty. A New Jersey native now based in Cleveland, Brian was also heavily influenced by fiddlers Willie Kelly and Patrick Ourceau, and was a featured performer on the 2004 album Live at Mona’s.

Brian Bigley is an Irish musician, dancer and pipemaker from Cleveland.

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The Thatcher’s Mallet

This is basically the same tune also known as The Ash Plant, Dickie Sherlock’s, A Night in Ennis, Jim Kelly’s etc. Some research on the web suggests that it may have been composed by Peter Broderick, Vincent’s older brother. A popular tune with many names.

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Re: Traditional Irish Music On Flute And Pipes

Fixed first track last tune to be the reel Mama’s pet instead of the jig version of Mama’s Pet.

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