Chapter 8

By The Kilfenora Céilí Band

Three comments

Another great release

Ten of Ireland’s best musicians. Two of my favorite fluters - Anthny Quigney and Garry Shannon - and one of Ireland’s finest concertinists: Tim Collins. It’s a thick sound, but it’s perfect for what it is.

You can read more about the band here:

Along with The Chieftains and The Bothy Band, the KCB is one of the greatest and most influential pure drop groups.

Individual Titles of the Tunes

1 The Banner County (Reels) - Down The Broom/Flowing Bowl/The Woman Of The House
2 Glastonbury Glamour (Jigs) - Battering Ram/Tierney’s Fancy (Richard Brennan’s)/Munster Buttermilk
3 Galway Bay
4 Craic In The Capital (Reels) - The Bellharbour/The Dublin Reel/The New Mown Meadow
5 Echoes Of The School House (Military Two Step) - Jim’s Party Piece
6 Under Siege In Ennis (Polkas) - Ballykeale Manor/Jerry’s Favourite/Frank’s Polka
7 Milwaukee Fest (Waltzes) - Flatwiter Fran/Timmy Connors’
8 Return To London Town (Reels) - Devaney’s Goat/Tom Ward’s Downfall/The Old Blackthorn
9 The Birmingham Connection (Jigs) - One-Horned Sheep/Clogher
10 Come By The Hills
11 French Encore (Reels) - Feargal O‘Gara/O’Rourke’s/Luckly In Love
12 Quadrilling In Cork (Quadrilles) - Micho’s Quadrille/Adam And Eve
13 Belfast Bound (March) - Signal Fire 1
14 Transatlantic Tunes (Reels) - Paddy Lynn’s Delight/Mary O’Neill’s Fancy/Anderson’s


Couple of misspellings in there:

Flatwiter Fran -> Flatwiter Fran
Luckly In Love -> Lucky in Love