Out West

By Mick Doherty And Robert Zielinski

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Mick Doherty ~ fiddle
Robert Zielinski ~ fiddle

On the 13th of April 2012, Mick Doherty and Robert Zielinski released their debut album entitled "Out West." This CD is Mick Doherty’s first release at 88 years old. It features a 12 page booklet concerning his life and family, and has been produced by the National Archive of Australia.

"Two generations of Irish tradition collide to create one haunting, timeless piece of music. A member of the legendary Donegal Doherty family joins his friend, pupil and musical colleague Robert Zielinski in their debut album and much anticipated collaboration."

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Selected Notes

Track 3: two of Hughie Doherty’s favourite hornpipes.

Track 6: a waltz.

Track 21: the Doherty version of "The Pinch of Snuff".

Track 24: the Doherty family name of "Nine Points of Roguery".

Track 27: a slow air, also called Mac Sweeney’s Lament.

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Fiddling the Octaves

_1. ) march ~ duet

_2. ) reel ~ duet = octaves

_3. ) hornpipes ~ Mick Doherty

_4. ) reel ~ duet

_5. ) jig ~ duet

_6. ) waltz ~ duet = includes some octave playing

_7. ) reel ~ duet = octaves

_8. ) jig ~ Mick Doherty

_9. ) reel ~ duet

10. ) polka ~ Mick Doherty

11. ) reel ~ duet

12. ) reel ~ duet = octaves

13. ) hornpipes ~ Mick Doherty

14. ) reel ~ Robert Zielinski

15. ) hornpipe ~ duet

16. ) reel ~ duet

17. ) reel ~ Mick Doherty

18. ) jig ~ duet

19. ) reel ~ duet

20. ) barndance ~ duet

21. ) reel ~ duet = includes some octave playing

22. ) reel ~ duet - finishing with a bit of lovely duet chuckling

23. ) jig ~ duet = octaves - & finishing with more laughter between good friends

24. ) reel ~ Mick Doherty

25. ) Lancers / Rakes of Mallow (tunes for a figure of ‘The Lancers Quadrille’) ~ duet

26. ) reel ~ Mick Doherty

27. ) air, lament ~ Mick Doherty

28. ) reel ~ duet

29. ) air / highland ~ duet

Basically, except that "The Speaking Waltz" in full has more parts… I’ll do some transcribing from this recording and also chase it up elsewhere. I’m pretty sure I have Johnny Doherty’s playing of it as well.

I’ve chased up some other sources and will add ‘The Speaking Waltz’ to the tune database, including a transcription of this take on it. As said, the ‘historic’ version of the waltz is basically 5-parts ~ AABBCCDDEEFF, six parts. I’ll also want to offer up a transcription accessible to winds, so it may be a little while.

I’ve also written a review of this recording, which was a welcomed and unexpected gift, well chosen considering how I have a fondness for things raw, and having a great love for octave playing too. There is some emotion tied up in it, reminding me of a missed friend, fiddler, dancer, duet partner ~ the late Michael Dunne…

"Michael Joseph Dunne" ~ a hornpipe

After more thought and listening pleasure I’ll polish up that review and add it later too…

Just to clarify, Michael is relevant to the review I’ve written and will add later… Mick & Robert’s relationship in music reminded me of mine and Michael’s, and in both situations much more than just he music…