The Strathspey King

By James Scott Skinner

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The Strathspey King

I’ve always liked the odd hornpipes that have been attributed to Skinner. I found this CD at the store today & picked it up on the spot. This album is put together from his recordings & he was a fine player. Skinner does lean towards fancy party tricks (left hand pizzicato, thrown bows etc) but these tunes are fiddle gymnastics to begin with. It’s a good look at the fanciest Scottish fiddle music from the early 1900’s. Most of these tunes are still common to the Scottish tune book. It is a very fun listen & these tunes are good excercises for any fiddler. This album is probably as important to Scottish Music as the 78s that Morrison, Coleman etc are for Irish music. A very fun album.

"The King"

I’ve just reviewed "The Strathspey King".

It was so bizarre when I first heard it =) Too used to yon modern recordings.
It was incrediable how much I got to like it. Definately not for y’all hardcore ITM musicians!
There’s a couple of strange inconsistencies in tuning and timing, nothing major. Adds to the ambience =)
Apparently he’d do somersaults as he played… Aah, something to aspire to =D

Play Tullochgorum.


Anyone know where I can get this album?_?

Through Amazon? Just click *Shop for "The Strathspey King" by J. Scott Skinner* under the tune listing of the recording.