The Departure

By Chrissy Crowley

  1. The Glen Road To Carrick
  2. The Tar Road To Sligo
    Francis Aucoin
    The Ships Are Sailing
  3. Calum Crubach
    Doug MacPhee’s Favorite
    Mary MacDonald
    The Oyster Wive’s Rant
    The Campbell Brothers
    Sir Reginald MacDonald
  4. The Lark In The Morning
    Strathspey Gan Ainm
    Molly Rankin’s
    Dot MacKinnon’s
    Flax In Bloom
  5. An Cathair Rua
    Timothy Chiasson’s
    The Moving Cloud
  6. Chrissy Crowley
    Hayezed And Confused
  7. The Doppelganger
  8. Munlochy Bridge
    Killavil Fancy
    Dillon Brown
    Jock Wilson’s Ball
    December 2nd
  9. Laybourne’s
    Auld Stewarts Of Forthergill
    The White Crow
  10. The Warlock
    Compliments To Cameron Chisholm
    Tarbolton Lodge
    As A Thoiseach
    Miss Muir MacKenzie
  11. Highland Storm
  12. Memories Of Archie Neil

One comment

Chrissy Crowley: The Departure

Chrissy’s second album. Really nice playing, with some very inventive arrangements. If you’re looking for strictly traditional playing this maybe isn’t for you, but everything is done extremely well.