The Tain Ceili Band

By The Tain Ceili Band

  1. Jackie Coleman’s
    The Duke Of Leinster
  2. An tAthair Jack Walsh
    The Meelick Team
    A Thousand Farewells
  3. Molly Ban
    Billy Brocker’s
  4. Sean Nugent’s March
  5. Barrell Rafferty’s
    Strike The Gay Harp
  6. Thomond Bridge
    Brendan McGlinchey’s
  7. Trip To Birmingham
  8. The Fairy Fort
    The New Broom
  9. The Swallow’s Nest
    Finbarr Dwyer’s
    Mrs. Crehan’s
  10. William Thompson’s
    The Lark In The Morning
    Apples In Winter
  11. Bonnie Prince Charlie
  12. Garrett Barry’s
    John Nee’s
    Poll An Mhadra Uisce
  13. Jim Keefe’s
    Captain Moonlight
    John Walsh’s
  14. Lomanach Cross
    Down The Broom
    Limerick Lasses
  15. I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her
    Father Quinn’s
    Princess Nancy
  16. The Trip To Birmingham
    The Bucks Of Oranmore

Seven comments

Dundalk’s “The Tain Ceili Band” ~ All-Ireland Champions 1998, 1999 & 2000

& the musicians were ~

Fiddles ~ Brenda McCann, Brendan Needham & Geraldine Smith

Flutes ~ Kay Webster-Dooley & Catherine McEvoy

Uilleann Pipes ~ Padraid Donlon

Concertina ~ Micheal O"Raghallaigh

Accordion ~ Seamus Bellew

Drums & Accordion ~ Thomas Flood

Piano ~ Fidelma Bellew

Track 7 - special guest Peig Needham/McGrath, flute, All-Ireland Champion 1976

Tracks ~ tune forms and times

_1. ) reels (2:21)
_2. ) jigs (3:11)
_3. ) reels (3:36)
_4. ) march (2:20)
_5. ) jigs (2:37)
_6. ) hornpipes (3:50)
_7. ) reel (1:50)
_8. ) barndances (3:36)
_9. ) reels (3:35)
10. ) jigs (3:13)
11. ) march (2:19)
12. ) reels (3:33)
13. ) polkas (3:49)
14. ) reels (3:44)
15. ) jigs (3:13)
16. ) reels (2:39)

Well done, “c”. I take it that Track 7 is an archive recording ?

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I was about to make that point too, Kenny, since Peig died in 1995. Didn’t Josie McDermott write ‘The Trip to Birmingham’ partly in her honour?

Also, it’s worth pointing out that the group’s name is The Táin Céilí Band (you’ve omitted the fadas, C) and that the album was released in 2004.

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Yes, Josie composed “The Trip to Birmingham” for Peig Needham/McGrath, as I understand it…

I have been trying to chase up a copy of this recording for both my own pleasure and to see if there are notes, and also because I was particularly interested in hearing track 7, and anything else by Peig…

I managed to link up every tune except “Sean Nugent’s March”, which was another reason to want to chase up the recording. I knew the Nugent’s and have high respect for Sean and his family, and the auld "Pride of Erin Ceili Band’. I was interested in hearing and giving a go Sean’s march… I will keep looking. I was just about to purchase one copy of this CD when someone beat me to it. 🙁

“Sean Nugent’s March” now transcribed and linked.