Bees On Horseback

By Flowers And Frolics

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  1. Grandfather’s Tune
    He Played His Ukelele As The Ship Went Down
    Mickey Mouse’s Son And Daughter
  2. Down The Road
    See Me Dance The
  3. Everybody Knows Me By My Old Brown Hat
  4. Tommy Make Room For Your Uncle No. 1
    Tommy Make Room For Your Uncle No. 2
    Ned Kelly’s Fancy
  5. The Ratcliffe Highway
  6. Shufflin’ Sam
  7. Galopede
    Dorset Four-Hand
    Shepton Mallet
  8. Woodland Revels
    Alexander’s Rag-Time Band
  9. Whistling Prince
    Mudgee Schottische
    Harry Cotter’s Schottische
  10. Wotcher
  11. Huntsman’s Chorus
    John Ryan’s
  12. Silverton
  13. My Name It Is McCarty
    Cunnamulla Stockman’s
    Manchester Gallop
  14. Two Little Girls In Blue

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Bees on Horseback

Recorded on vinyl (LP) on the Free Reed label in 1977.

Note: This recording contains a mixture a tunesets and songs.