Three Shouts From A Hill

By Cian

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It was two and a half years ago when I came to know Brian and Padraig. Yes, I was really lucky to hear them playing in the real sessions on the first visit to Ireland, while I didn’t notice they are playing in a band at that time.

The arrangement of the band is acoustic and traditional, but Padraig’s funky concertina adds some modern flavor. By the way, the combination of the flute and the concertina is really great.

More info please

Pardon my ignorance but who are Brian & Padraig?

Padraig Rynne is a concertina player who lives in galway - he is amazing and only about 21, he runs some sessions at tig coilis etc. Brian duke is a flute player who is also an amazing player but I dont know him so i cant comment

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Yes, they are quite young, but I didn’t know Padraig is younger than me. I’ll ask him next time I visit Galway.
I’m not so sure, but I vaguely remember they are originally from Clare and won the all-Ireland championship four or five times.
I can make a link to the band’s web page, but probably I shouldn’t do it here. Type the name of the band and the album, and you’ll find them quite easily. You can sample most of the tracks from their recordings.

Gan ainm

On Three shouts from a hill there’s a tune (the second from the second medley) that I’m not able to write.
It is called “Gan Ainm”…
Does anybody so gentle and able to help me ?

Inches To Dublin

just wondering has anyone tried transcribing Inches To Dublin? the 3rd tune from the first set?

Great stuff

This is a lovely CD and well worth buying. I love Dukie’s HP, which I assume was written by Brian Duke. Duke also plays in Island Eddy, who made another lovely CD - Island Eddy.


There’s a lady in the North of Ireland who has a seemingly inexhaustable supply of this particular CD, and sells them at a starting price of £1.99, inclusive of postage. I ve bought many and given them away to musicians for about a year now, and they are still being put up for sale. Best deal on eBay - she sells under the name “eva2eva”. Do yourself a favour, and go help her out.
She also has “Cian’s” “Rolling Waves” at the same price.
There’s a third CD too, “Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore”, but it’s a 3-track CD single, and not such a good deal.