Midleton Rare

By John Cronin And Daithí Kearney

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Midleton Rare

For the past few years, accordion player John Cronin and banjo player Daithí Kearney have enjoyed playing a regular session in Wallis’ Bar in Midleton, Co. Cork.

This recording is a snap shot of the session in Midleton but draws heavily on the music of Sliabh Luachra and particular accordion players Johnny O’Leary, Denis Doody, Jackie Daly and John Brosnan. It also features music sourced to John’s father DD, a fiddle player from Glenamuckla in the parish of Newmarket, Co. Cork.

Alex Monaghan of Irish Music Magazine said: “Cronin and Kearney are playing dance music, and it shows… a very enjoyable duo recording”.

It’s the 14th of July 2012 and only 11 titles out of 36 are linking to the Tunes on this database. Captain Bing <=> Captain Bing’s etc etc. More effort required…

Labore Et Honore: Midlteon / Mainistir na Corann

‘Rare’ would refer, amongst other things, to the Very uisce beatha thing.. A local specialty!

There will be a lot more correct “Links” if the original poster removes the words “polka”, reel, jig“… etc from the tune titles. There’s also a strange thing where links don’t work occasionally if there’s an apostrophe in the title. You don’t need ”The“ for ”Cooley’s“ ”John Walsh’s“, ”Rathawaun“ or ”Callaghan’s" either. The fault lies mainly with the original poster, who has the option of making these corrections.

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Re: Midleton Rare

Seems apostrophes are needed, (at least if included in original tune title) if tunes are to be linked correctly.
Links are missing wherever the apostrophes have been omitted.
e.g. “Walshs” = Walsh’s Hornpipe
Followed by “Her Golden Hair Was Curling Down”

Ideally, a poster would do a quick tune search (I found the above two quickly enough) and match the title with one already there, or add the alternative title.
But full marks for avoiding my biggest annoyance ; posting a recording with no comment about it whatsoever!

Re: Midleton Rare

Iv’e added apostrophes, and changed the names /spellings of a couple I recognised by listening on Spotify (it’s available to listen to there -and recommended listening)
I haven’t checked all the links though. It would sometimes be useful to add tune type to the name when many tunes by the same name; e.g. “Cronin’s” = “Cronin’s Hornpipe”. But the site doesn’t seem to work this way, and I can’t see a way to edit the automatic linking of tune names ?