‘Tis What It Is

By Mick Conneely And David Munnelly

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  1. The High Caul Cap
    Napoleon Crossing The Alps
  2. The Maho Snaps
    Tay In The Bog
    The Maid In The Meadow
  3. P. Flanagan’s
    Hughie Travers’
    Spoil The Dance
  4. O’Donnell’s
    The First Of May
  5. The Pride Of Rockchapel
    Mrs. Cooty’s
    Statia Donnelly
  6. For Michael
  7. The Jolly Tinker
    The Yellow Tinker
    The Longford Tinker
  8. The Kiss Behind The Door
    Paddy Shannon’s
  9. Shoe The Donkey
    The Emigrant’s Letter
    Liza Lynn
  10. The Carna
    Temple Hill
    Sporting Paddy
  11. The Humours Of Glenflesk
    Denis Murphy’s Slide #2
    The Star Above The Garter
  12. McGovern’s Favourite
    Colonel Fraser
  13. The Rakes Of Kildare
    Haley’s Favourite
  14. The New Mown Meadow
    Big John MacNeill
    The Silver Spire

Three comments

A very entertaining CD with solid playing from both musicians. Accompaniment is needless though and the unaccompanied tracks are best in my opinion - the first track is a belter!