All In A Day’s Play

By Conor Moriarty

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Other musicians?

Do we know who else plays on the recording? Got it from iTunes, so no liner notes…thanks a lot!

Hi yes there are great musicians on this album! I am not 100% sure of the exact instruments they play but this is a pretty good idea (you may know them anyway!)

Sean O Fearghail - Fiddle
Caoimhin O Fearghail - Guitar
Francis Ward - Piano
Colm Phelan - Bodhran
Ciara Callanan Ryan - Harp
Eanna O Croinin - Pipes

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Sleeve notes…

… wouldn’t be much help to you anyway. The guest players are named, but it doesn’t say who plays what anywhere I can see.
Very good CD.

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There are several discrepancies between the names of the tunes listed on the back of the "digipak" and those listed in the accompanying booklet. Someone - possibly the original poster - has filled in a few "Gan Ainms" to correspond with tunes posted here, but I’ve also filled in a few more from the booklet titles.
I reckon the 3rd reel in Track 6 is a version of "Tomeen O’Dea’s" but have left it alone.
Track 14 is listed in the booklet as : "Jimmy Doyle’s/Mick Maloney’s/Sgt. Cahill’s" - but on the "digipak" as :
"Gan Ainm/Johnny Leary’s/Sgt.Cahill’s".

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9c jigs

Port means jig, Inis means Island but Bearachan would mean the name of the island,
but what is is in English’

Neansai, presenter of Ceol Binn O na Beanna on RTé Radio na Gaeltachta names Conor Moriarity as the accordeon soloist on his Paolo Soprani button-key. He was the All-Ireland button-key champion in 2010. He had a marvellous video with reels on you Tube.

At 75, I’m trying to learn to play "Bearachan" myself, but on a piano-accordeon. Difficult without the printed music.

James Doyle - no relation to the person in Track 14!

Re: All In A Day’s Play

Inis Bearachain doesn’t have an English name. It’s where Johnny Connolly, the Conamara melodeon player was raised, though as far as I know, nobody loves there anymore. I don’t know for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was written by either him or his son Johnny Og.

Re: All In A Day’s Play

I’m rather late to respond (2 years!) You’re quite right Gonzo, that there is an English name for the island. So thanks for pointing that out - I genuinely wasn’t aware. I guess I may have meant one of several things: (i) the OP asked what "Bearachain" meant, and that isn’t really translatable into English, since the origin/meaning of the word itself is unclear. But according to (which I found from your link), it may be derived "Barr a’ chuain", meaning "top of the bay". Also worth keeping in mind that (ii) nobody uses the English name (in part because few English-speaking people would even know of its existence; the only residents would have been Gaelic speakers, though nobody lives there now) and (iii) English names are no longer in official use for places (like this) within the Gaeltacht boundaries. Great that we can all learn this stuff together.