Traditional Irish Music On The Button Accordion

By Dan Gurney

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I was listening to Radio na Gaeltachta there a couple of Sundays ago - they play a nice mix around 8 to 9am. On came some nice relaxed box playing so I perked up my ears and the presenter says it was Dan Gurney afterwards. A little bit of googling revealed that he’s about 25, from New York, this his first recording and that Fr.Charlie Coen was his main influence, so I sent off for it.

It’s a good mix of tunes, some well known, others less so, played in grand laid back way. Seems that it was all recorded within the space of a few hours - one take stuff. So it has that authentic feel, you might as well be sitting there.

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I should add that Brian McGrath plays piano backing on most tracks. Fits in well - the accordion & melody is to the forefront in the main.

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First track, The Brook

The first track is linked to a track called The Brook in Tunes on the but it is not the same tune.

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The Brook was composed by Andy Martyn and Kevin Boyle of the London-based band La Cheile…

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This cd is a lovely piece of work. I looked up Dan after being impressed by his playing on a Youtube clip from a Joe Derrane Tribute concert. Beautiful relaxed playing with impeccable phrasing, when you check the tempo he’s often going at a nice pace but sounds as if he has all the time in the world. Reminded me a bit of Josephine Marsh’s playing. Quite a hornpipey player (not in the Old Time sense) he dots his reels quite strongly. Enjoyed the disc a lot, I “rationed” it first time through, just listening to one or two tracks at a time. Presently available as a download, inc cover pic and sleeve notes, from CDBaby at only £6 or so.