The Wyndy Turn

By Dan Healy And Ciaran O’Raghallaigh

Two comments

The wyndy turn

Album of flute and fiddle music.
Dan Healy is from Ballymote, County Sligo, the heartland of much of what is best in Irish music. Ciaran O Raghallaigh is a Cavan fiddler, and together they play a great selection of Sligo music,
interspersed with some O’Carolan pieces.

The wyndy turn

a remarkable album of pure-drop traditional Music . Healy and O’Raghallaigh are true traditional musicians, with a rough edge to their playing, but its soulfulness makes one forget whatever lack of polish it may have. As on the previous album, slow airs and pieces are given an unusually prominent place, numbering seven among the generous 18 tracks, and O’Raghallaigh’s choice of the viola to play them gives the performance a special poignancy. Healy’s schooling in South Sligo music is abundantly clear in the choice of classic dance tunes from that area.