By Jerry Holland

  1. The Black Pig
    Sugar Loaf Schoolhouse
  2. Janet Beaton’s
    Moving To Belle Cote
    You’re Only As Good As Your Last Gig
  3. Trips With David
    Compliments To The Browns Of Dingwall
    Compliments To Buddy MacMaster
  4. Farewell To Sticky Buns
    Angus Chisholm’s Favorite
  5. The Winning Ticket
    Mike’s Fancy
    Baby Brat
  6. Sean Maguire’s Style
    Compliments To Sean Maguire
  7. Fishing With Vic
    Two Flat Tires
  8. Beautiful Lake Ainslie
  9. Reel For Carl
  10. Malcolm’s New Fiddle
    Meeting With John Hartford
  11. Wet Jeans
  12. Dave MacIsaac’s
    Stan Chapman
  13. John Allen Cameron’s
    The Trip With Jerry On Record Day
    Believe It Or Not
  14. The New York
    Doug MacPhee’s Visit To Belle Cote
  15. Father Eugene’s Welcome To Cape Breton
    The Reel Of Tulloch
    Charms Of Whiskey
    Caber Feigh
    Lord MacDonald’s