By Caitlín Nic Gabhann

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New CD from Caitlín Nic Gabhann, concertina player and dancer from Co. Meath. With accompaniment by Caoimhín O’Fearghail on guitar.

Available from her website amongst others -

A great CD, she’s a lovely anglo player with some nice tunes, and some of her own compositions.

An amazing album. I love the "slower" playing style that this younger generation seems to have recovered.

"Slower playing style ???"

That’s a sweeping generalisation that I think you’d be very hard pushed to uphold. If you have examples of other recordings of this "slower playing style" from "this younger generation", please list them, and I will most certainly consider buying them.
I agree that it is a great recording, with excellent accompaniment from Caoimhin, whom I’ve met a few times in Miltown Malbay, and also in Cork.

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Slower playing "style"… or "approach"

@ kenny:

Yes, I am aware that it’s most likely a biased perception of mine. "Slower" might also be the wrong term. Still, I have found some albums by young musicians that in my perception have stayed away from the rushed playing tendency that was becoming more and more common in the 90s and early 2000s (and probably before that too, my perception of ITM chronology is very skewed).
I’m not saying that this is all there was, I’m just glad to see that younger musicians are doing this fantastic music that lets the tunes breathe rather than being flashy.
As other examples of this ""style"", have you heard Kathleen Boyle’s An Cailín Rua, or Steph Geremia’s The Open Road?


You’d need to provide more than 2 examples to prove your case.
See "Comments" for my opinion of Steph Geremia’s recording.

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Alright… The thing is, there’s no case to prove :S I was just making a praising comment to an album and to an approach to ITM that I value, and I tried to explain my view because you asked about it.
Sorry if it felt that I was making a statement to the four winds. I have no problem agreeing to disagree with you here, there just is no thesis of mine that I’d want to bother arguing for ;)

Sunday’s Well

I just heard this tune on WGBH’s "Celtic Soujourn" program (Boston public radio). I ordered the CD ("Caitlin"), but I would also like to get the sheet music for Sunday’s Well. I have not been able to find it. Can any one tell me how I might get the music for this tune? Thank you.
—Chris Flanagan

Yeah, Kenny, take a deep breath

Well riposted xabeba. Kenny must have been having a flashback to his high school debating days, or maybe he’s a budding shadow Minister.
But I must agree with him that most recordings I hear of up and coming concer players a very virtuosic and often very fast ( not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s a brilliant standard now). If there is new generation of Chris Droneys, Jack Coens and Kitty Hayes then I don’t know them, but then you don’t get to hear much in Australia, except recordings.

My breathing’s fine, thank you. Glad you agree with me.

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I can’t get enough of this recording! Fresh and lively with understated accompaniment, a worthy addition to any ITM library.

Two examples aren’t enough? Oh, go piss and moan somewhere else, ya idjit. Changing the requirements midway thru’ aren’t kosher.

If this ancient argument is being rekindled, here are a bunch of young players whose recordings are at relaxed, or at least not very fast, tempos:
Edel Fox
Kate McNamara
Siún (Síobhan and Úna Hogan)
Jack Talty & Cormac Begley
Dylan Foley
Dan Gurney
The Ivy Leaf

Re: Caitlín

I found her album because of her recording of the Rookery and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Strongly rhythmic with the lift that makes it dance music. Her own tunes are equally lovely and fit into the whole. It’s also a pleasure that she includes her accompanist’s name in an easily accessible way.

Re: Caitlín

I believe the third tune of track 9, ‘The Swallow’ is neither the tune linked to (‘The Clogger’s Quilt’ - tune 2999), nor a proper version of ‘The Shallow Reel’ that Caitlin teaches.

To my ear, it sounds like a bit of her Shallow Reel, and a bit of her version (or Joe Cooley’s?) Green Fields of America. But my ears are colorful.

Not that the naming of a thing should take anything away from it.
The whole album is a truly beautiful recording.