Fire In The Kitchen

By The Chieftains

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Chieftains’ Fire in the Kitchen

Released 1998, the Chieftains and Irish musicians while in Canada. Paddy Moloney on pipes and whistle, Matt Molloy on flute, Sean Keane and Martin Fay on fiddle, Derek Bell on harp and tiompan, Kevin Conneff on bodhran and vocals. Guest appearances: Leahy, The Rankins, Great Big Sea, Laura Smith, Natalie MacMaster, Mary Jane Lamond, Barra MacNeils, The Ennis Sisters, and La Bottine Souriante.

My First Irish CD

This CD was single-handedly responsible for getting me into Cape Breton, then eventually Irish music. My family was taking a vacation to Nova Scotia, and as we crossed the Causeway to Cape Breton, a little gift shop was blasting this CD, and Devil’s Dream, an old family favorite of ours, was on. I immediately inquired about the CD, purchased it from the gift shop, never stopped listening to it the entire trip, and am now infatuated with Irish and Cape Breton music. This CD will always have a special place in my collection


I believe this to be the best Chieftains album ever made. I’m not a big fan of Cape Breton music, but the other Canadian artists are great. The track with La Bottine just rocks!

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Thanks for the reviews

I’ll have to pick this one up. I have tried to avoid quite a lot of the cheiftan’s music in the past 5 years. Thanks to your reviews, I’ll add another.

Connaughtman - I believe that you were born as an afficionado - Maybe there is a gene?

Fingal’s CAve Set

Does anyone know the names of the other tunes in this set? Other than the first (Cuilfhionn) and last tune(Reconcilliation) I am having trouble identifying the other tunes. It seems that everywhere the set is only referred to as Fingal’s Cave with no mention of the other three tunes

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I went through this a few years ago and I’m trying to remember the answers. It’s trickier because I don’t have a recording of it, so I’m working from memory of a friend playing the set. I think there’s a Sean Ryan jig (either the Castle or the Nightingale) and a JS Skinner reel (The Spey in Spate).

Tune ids

Yeah, I think the Fingal’s Cave set is Fingal’s Cave, The Castle, Spey in Spate, and The Reconciliation.

A couple other tunes on this album: in Ashley MacIsaac’s set, he plays Miss Primrose once through in between My Home and The Contradiction. Also, the Le Lys Vert set starts out with Sheepskin and Beeswax.

Burnt Toast In The Kitchen ~ produced by Paddy Moloney

~ with proof of his usual ‘arranging’, which I personally find O.T.T., and especially here. So, in disagreement with the above praising, I really do not like this odd collection. It’s just weird. There are a few sparks here and there, but mostly things are put on VERY thick. I have my biases as far as the rare sparks, which includes track 5, having enjoyed the character and bow of Ashley MacIsaac since he was a wee sprat. Some real lows for me were the awful slow air approach to Madame Bonaparte that opens this recording, as too some of the singing, like the awful take on "My Bonnie", yuck! The sets too, weird and choppy. Along with my wife, we’re also partial to the bow of Natalie MacMaster, track 7. But the rest of this, our copy is going to Oxfam and will hopefully find someone who appreciates it.

Yes, it’s a great mish-mash of talents, but the mix is over done, over baked, burnt, for what my tuppence worth, and I’m not a huge fan of Paddy’s way with things. Some of the tune and instrumentation changes are like suspension destroying potholes… None of the singing could hold my interest either ~ tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, or La Bottine’s contribution and weird mix - track 11…

They’ve all done better elsewhere, in my opinion…

Le Lys Vert tunes

The track names for the last tune took some tracking down since, as for Fingal’s Cave, they are not even included in the CD liner notes! Poor folk CD etiquette there in my book.

The first one is Sheepskin and Beeswax, the second Le Reel De La Main Blanche. Both appeared on La Bottine Souriante’s earlier album La Mistrine (played separately rather than as a set).

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