The Coming Of Spring

By Kathleen Conneely

  1. Bonnie Ann
    West Clare Railway
    Paddy Fahey’s
  2. Dermot Grogan’s
    Billy McCormick’s
    Down The Back Lane
  3. The Gneevgullia
    The Cloone
    Larry’s Favourite
  4. Joe Derrane’s
    Tom Billy’s Favourite
    The Ivory Bowl
  5. Imelda Roland’s
    Master Crowley’s
    The Limestone Rock
  6. The Maid In The Meadow
    The Lark On The Strand
    The Hag With The Money
  7. The Humours Of Tullycrine
  8. The Primrose Vale
    The Lark In The Morning
  9. The Old Torn Petticoat
    Thady Casey’s Fancy
    The Ballina Lasses
  10. Hardiman The Fiddler
    The Humours Of Derrycrossane
    The Arra Mountains
  11. The Boy On The Hilltop
    Coen’s Memories
    The Hare’s Paw
  12. The Banks Of Lough Gowna
    The Coming Of Spring
    The Whistler At The Wake
  13. Micho Russell’s
    Aggie Whyte’s Chattering Magpies
    Paddy Kelly’s
  14. Rosemary Lane
    My Brother Tom
    Hinchy’s Delight
    The Old Lark In The Morning

Four comments

The Coming of Spring

This is a nice whistle album. This is my first recording submission. Please let me know of any errors and I’ll correct them. I’m having trouble finding the right Paddy Fahey’s and the 2 tunes listed on the album as Paddy Kelly’s.

“Nice” may be the understatement of the year. I played it four times in the first three days I had it. (And had the pleasure of playing the title jig with Kathleen, Willie Kelly, Dympna O’Sullivan, and others last week.)

What a lovely recording this is. Her version of the Paddy Fahey reel on track one is something to behold. Very tasteful backing.