The Rights Of Man

By Colm Gannon

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Info on The Rights of Man, Colm Gannon

Colm Gannon, on his new solo album, “The Rights of Man” is accompanied by Alec Finn on Bouzouki and Johnny “Ringo” McDonagh on Bodhran (both members of the original DeDannan), John Blake on piano and guitar and special guest, Kelly Gannon on Concertina. This recording was made in The Lions Den Studio, in Raheney in Dublin which is owned and operated by John Blake.

On this recording the tunes are sourced from many places, mainly, old cylinder recordings from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, and the 78 recordings. As well as that there are many tunes sourced from rare home recordings and music that influenced him from childhood up until the present time.
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Congratulations on the new album. I can’t wait get a copy of it. Be sure to bring some with you the next time you are down in Limerick.

1994 all ireland

gannon claims on his web site that the won the 1994 all-ireland.
thats a strange one. was it an underage title i wonder??

he has never won a senior

1992, Ned Kelly, County Tipperary
1993, Colin Nea, County Westmeath
1994, Colin Nea, County Westmeath
1995, Pádraig Kinsella, County Offaly

yes I think he won 15-18.

And good luck with record Colm!

“that influenced ‘him’ from childhood up until the present time.” I gather you meant to say ‘me’… 😉

I like your list of sources and hope to get an earful of what looks to be an interesting recording, liking the title for starters…

What’s the story behind your box? In that regard I couldn’t find anything but pictures on your website.