By The Easy Club

  1. The Easy Club
  2. Dirty Old Town
  3. The Diamond
  4. Euphemia
  5. The Train Journey North
  6. Black Is The Colour
  7. Angus G. MacLeod
    The Little Cascade
  8. The Quiet Man
    Erse For Alba
  9. Fause, Fause Hae Ye Been
  10. Skirlie Beat
  11. The Auld Toon Shuffle
  12. The Road To Gerenish
    Bodhran Solo
  13. The Innocent Railway
    Daphne’s Trousers
    A Bruxa
  14. Auchengeich
  15. The North Sea Chinaman
    The Linguist
  16. Neal Slessor Thomson
    The Desert March
  17. This For That
  18. Murdo Mackenzie Of Torridon
    Loch Carron
    The Radical Road
    Dr. MacInnes’ Fancy
  19. The Collier’s 8-hour Day
  20. The Arnish Light
    The Ostrich
  21. The Eyemouth Disaster
  22. The Easy Club

Two comments

The Easy Club - Essential

Just got this CD from a charity shop in Liverpool. It’s a compilation (1992 Eclectic Records) from four 1980s albums. Personally, I’m not over keen on the singing but the instrument playing has a really good and unusal quality to it